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The Adventures of Picasso

One of the director’s most ambitious films aimed for an international audience, but its decidedly Swedish sense of humor never did cross the border in a successful way. This is the story of Pablo Picasso, as seen through a series of lively skits making fun of several time periods, places and a whole bunch of artistic giants. Very loose and fanciful, almost exhausting as the film approaches two hours, with international stereotypes that never venture beyond the predictable. Still, inventive production design, an enthusiastic cast, and some of the best jokes in this constant barrage have a darker edge.

1978-Sweden. 115 min. Color. Directed by Tage Danielsson. Screenplay: Hans Alfredson, Tage Danielsson, Gösta Ekman. Production Design: Hans Alfredson. Cast: Gösta Ekman (Pablo Picasso), Hans Alfredson (Don José), Lena Olin (Dolores), Margaretha Krook, Birgitta Andersson, Lena Nyman… Lissi Alandh, Hans ”Hatte” Furuhagen, Stellan Sundahl, Per Oscarsson, Jarl Borssén, Sune Mangs, Magnus Härenstam, Yngve Gamlin, Lasse Pöysti, Rolv Wesenlund, Hjördis Peterson, Sven Lindberg.

Trivia: Original title: Picassos äventyr. In the English-speaking version, narration is done by Bernard Cribbins as Gertrude Stein; he also plays the part onscreen.



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