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Live Flesh


Javier Bardem and José Sancho. Photo: Goldwyn Films

Two years after an incident that left a Madrid cop (Javier Bardem) in a wheelchair, he once again meets the man (Liberto Rabal) who’s partly to blame for his condition. Pedro Almodóvar won new fans, including Spanish critics, with this erotic drama that became his most impressive film in a decade. The story is meant to remind audiences of Spain’s fascist past and emphasize the value of liberty; you can read the country’s path from dictatorship to a thriving democracy into this adult tale that unfolds like a good novel (even if it differs from Ruth Rendell’s). Great passion, a sweeping music score and a fine cast, including Penélope Cruz in her first Almodóvar film.

1997-Spain-France. 103 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Agustín Almodóvar. Directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Screenplay: Pedro Almodóvar, Jorge Guerricachevarria, Ray Loriga. Novel: Ruth Rendell. Music: Alberto Iglesias. Cast: Javier Bardem (David), Francesca Neri (Elena), Liberto Rabal (Victor Plaza), Angela Molina, José Sancho, Penélope Cruz, Pilar Bardem.

Trivia: Original title: Carne trémula. 

Last word: “I began making films as if Franco had never existed. It was my vengeance, my way of taking my revenge against Francoism. I denied even the shadow of a memory of Franco. But I had to remind myself through this film that there is a dark past, and that it isn’t that long ago. In a way it is a warning, to myself and to the Spanish audience, because they will recognise the voice as Fraga’s voice, a voice that is still politically active.” (AlmodĂłvar, The Guardian)



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