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My Name Is Nobody


Aging gunfighter Jack Beauregard (Henry Fonda) meets a younger, very fast talent (Terence Hill) who looks up to him and wants him to take on the Wild Bunch. A spaghetti Western largely made in the U.S. that began with an idea by Sergio Leone whose fingerprints are all over the film. Much of it relies on slapstick where Nobodyā€™s virtually supernatural talents are put to the test; itā€™s a role that fits Hill well after They Call Me Trinity (1970). Silly, and that includes a music score that is annoyingly infectious, but it does have charm and Fonda is good as the gunslinger who dreams of Europe.

1973-Italy-France-Germany. 115 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Tonino Valerii. Music: Ennio Morricone. Cast: Henry Fonda (Jack Beauregard), Terence Hill (Nobody), Jean Martin (Sullivan), Leo Gordon, R.G. Armstrong, Steve Kanaly.

Trivia: Italian title: Il mio nome ĆØ Nessuno. Alternative version runs 130 min.



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