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News of the World


In 1870, former Confederate officer Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks) makes a living visiting towns and reading newspapers for the people; one day, a young German girl (Helena Zengel) who was raised by the Kiowa tribe ends up in his care. Paul Greengrass’s first Western shows everybody involved in very good shape. Hanks is rock-solid as the captain who’s in for more adventure than he expected, Zengel fits the part of the shell-shocked girl who’s lost two sets of parents, James Newton Howard has written a top-notch music score, and Greengrass paces the story well, building our emotions for the lead characters, but also including satisfying moments of action during the journey.

2020-U.S. 118 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Gary Goetzman, Gregory Goodman, Gail Mutrux. Directed by Paul Greengrass. Screenplay: Paul Greengrass, Luke Davies. Novel: Paulette Jiles. Music: James Newton Howard. Cast: Tom Hanks (Jefferson Kyle Kidd), Helena Zengel (Johanna Leonberger), Michael Covino (Almay), Fred Hechinger, Neil Sandilands, Thomas Francis Murphy… Mare Winningham.

Last word: “[Zengel] got the part, but you never know with a young child. She’s 11 years old, how is she going to be when you turn over? When you’re on set, when it’s difficult, when we’re doing all this stuff. The first day, we shot the scene where they meet in the woods at the beginning of the movie. I felt very stressed inside, and I was trying not to convey it, of course, because you never know how it’s really going to be. We turned over, and in the first take or two, Tom came up to tell us, ‘She is magnificent.’ It was just strange; after about an hour, all the anxiety just fell away.” (Greengrass, Screen Rant)



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