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The Hudsucker Proxy


In 1958, after the spectacular suicide of a Wall Street tycoon, a mailroom clerk (Tim Robbins) is hired as the new president of the company; thereā€™s a sinister plan behind the appointment. The Coen brothersā€™ most ambitious film at the time was a flop, but stands the test of time. Along with Sam Raimi, the brothers were inspired by Preston Sturges and various 1950s movies, but itā€™s definitely a Coen experience. Gorgeously designed, funny satire with fantastical ingredients. Robbins and Paul Newman are ideal as the young innocent and the old pro with a devious plan; Jennifer Jason Leigh is also fun as a Katherine Hepburn-type reporter.

1994-U.S. 111 min. Color. Produced byĀ Ethan Coen. Directed byĀ Joel Coen. Screenplay: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Sam Raimi. Cinematography: Roger Deakins. Music: Carter Burwell. Production Design: Dennis Gassner. Cast: Tim Robbins (Norville Barnes), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Amy Archer), Paul Newman (Sidney J. Mussburger), Charles Durning, John Mahoney, Jim Trueā€¦ Bruce Campbell, Peter Gallagher, Steve Buscemi, Anna Nicole Smith, John Goodman.

Trivia: Clint Eastwood was reportedly offered the part of Mussburger.Ā Later a stage play.

Last word: “I didnā€™t want it to sound artificial ā€˜cause itā€™s such a bizarre way of speaking, that Standard American. People just donā€™t do it anymore.Ā But it was much harder to stand straight. The actresses during that period always had beautiful posture. They took elocution lessons, took posture classes, it was a completely different time. So standing up straight was something I had to learn how to do, it wasnā€™t in my repertoire. I learned how to type, too…ā€œ (Leigh, Los Angeles Times)



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