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On his 35th birthday, Julius Benedict (Arnold Schwarzenegger) learns that he has a twin brother somewhere in Los Angeles and leaves the South Pacific island where he was raised to find him. Itā€™s easy to see what attracted the two stars to this comedy ā€“ imagining them as twins is a funny concept. A whole movie needs more than a crazy idea and what the filmmakers come up with is amusing enough, as we follow the brothersā€™ quest to track down their mother. No big laughs, but a likable movie chiefly thanks to the two leads. Danny DeVito, as a street hustler, plays to his strengths, while Schwarzenegger is effective in his first comedy.

1988-U.S. 112 min. Color. Produced and directed byĀ Ivan Reitman. Song: ā€Twinsā€ (Skip Scarborough). Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Julius Benedict), Danny DeVito (Vincent Benedict), Kelly Preston (Marnie Mason), Chloe Webb, Bonnie Bartlett, Marshall Bellā€¦ David Caruso, Heather Graham, Jason Reitman.



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