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Beautiful Boy


When director Shawn Ku decided to take advantage of a personal connection to the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings, the result became a fictional movie that focused on the parents of a school shooter. After learning what happened, the Carrolls (Maria Bello, Michael Sheen) need to deal with the shock of the horrific event, the grief of losing their only child and the very public shame of what he did. The hatred against the parents is strong, and the problems of their marriage that existed before all this emerge in full force. An intimate and low-key drama thatā€™s well-acted, but not as moving or interesting as its intriguing premise.

2010-U.S. 90 min. Color. Directed byĀ Shawn Ku. Screenplay: Shawn Ku, Michael Armbruster. Cast: Maria Bello (Kate Carroll), Michael Sheen (Bill Carroll), Alan Tudyk (Eric), Moon Bloodgood, Austin Nichols, Kyle Gallnerā€¦ Meat Loaf.



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