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The Servant


Young Londoner Tony (James Fox) hires Hugo (Dirk Bogarde) as his manservant, but Tony’s girlfriend (Wendy Craig) is suspicious of him and the relationship between master and servant begins to change discreetly… The first of director Joseph Losey’s three collaborations with Harold Pinter is the most lauded one, a drama that turns the British class society on its head. After a ”quiet revolution” is instigated by Bogarde and his ”sister”, there’s an inevitable confrontation that has fascinating, decadent consequences. Exceptionally well acted and staged, with a camera that gives the film an uncomfortable edge using darkness, close-ups and unusual angles.

1963-Britain. 115 min. B/W. Produced by Joseph Losey, Norman Priggen. Directed by Joseph Losey. Screenplay: Harold Pinter. Novel: Robin Maugham. Cinematography: Douglas Slocombe. Music: John Dankworth. Cast: Dirk Bogarde (Hugo Barrett), James Fox (Tony), Sarah Miles (Vera), Wendy Craig (Susan Stewart), Catherine Lacey, Patrick Magee.

Trivia: Vanessa Redgrave was allegedly considered for a role.

BAFTA: Best British Actor (Bogarde), Cinematography.

Last word: “We didn’t have teams of stylists. I just did what I thought was good and showed it to Joe [Losey, the director]. Like my beehive – it was ridiculous! Joe didn’t want it to start with, but then began to think it was a good idea. I’ve always done my own hair and makeup; I take full responsibility for how I look. It might not have worked other times, but it worked here. Joe did linger on my feet a lot. He had a bit of a fetish for that sort of thing: shoes, feet, the ends of curtains. He wanted me to play Vera like a knowledgeable north country girl, but I said I saw her more as a child. He thought, in the end, that was probably more sexy than playing it all tits and arse. I didn’t play it tits and arse. I played it feet and eyes.” (Miles, The Guardian)



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