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Night Train to Lisbon

When a timid Swiss professor (Jeremy Irons) saves a young woman from jumping off a bridge, it leads him on an unpredictable journey to Lisbon and the story of a doctor (Jack Huston) who becomes involved in the resistance movement. Bille Augustā€™s take on the critically acclaimed novel is an example of why some books should be left alone. Thereā€™s potential for excitement and romance in this portrait of the Portuguese resistance against long-time dictator Salazar in the 1960s and ā€™70s, but the film is dull and talky. Still, an eclectic cast and nice views from Lisbon.

2013-Germany-Switzerland-Portugal. 111 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Bille August. Novel: Pascal Mercier. Cast: Jeremy Irons (Raimund Gregorius), MĆ©lanie Laurent (Young EstefĆ¢nia), Jack Huston (Amadeu do Prado), Martina Gedeck, Nicolau Breyner, Bruno Ganzā€¦ Christopher Lee, Lena Olin, Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtenay.

Trivia: Vanessa Redgrave was allegedly first cast, but later replaced by Rampling.



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