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The Swedish Theory of Love

swedishtheoryofloveUsing a 2006 book by history professor Lars TrƤgĆ„rdh (who co-authored with Henrik Berggren) called ā€œIs the Swede Humanā€ as a starting point, Erik Gandini explores the Swedish model and its downsides ā€“ hereā€™s a people so independent and individualistic that theyā€™ve forgotten that no man is an island. Gandini has ideas on how to illustrate the rise of loneliness in Sweden, but as in his earlier films the approach lacks focus; the film touches on sensitive truths about society (this isnā€™t just a Swedish phenomenon), but when all is said and done we have learned exactly nothing. Still, thereā€™s an interesting visit with a Danish doctor in Ethiopiaā€¦ and a bunch of druggy hippies in the woods.

2016-Sweden. 80 min. Color-B/W. Directed byĀ Erik Gandini.



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