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Band of Outsiders

bandofoutsidersFranz (Sami Frey) is dating a girl (Anna Karina) in his English class who tells him of a big stash of money hidden in a villa where sheā€™s living now; together with his buddy Arthur (Claude Brasseur), Franz hatches a scheme to steal it. Whatā€™s been called Jean-Luc Godardā€™s most accessible film is a New Wave classic that has two charming scenes ā€“ one where the three leads dance at a coffeehouse, and one where they race through the Louvre. Amusingly playful in the way Godardā€™s having fun with the characters and the form of the film, with a more Hollywood-esque crime story as a part of it. Lively performances, but very loosely put together.

1964-France. 97 min. B/W. Written and directed byĀ Jean-Luc Godard. Novel: Dolores Hitchens (ā€œFoolā€™s Goldā€). Music: Michel Legrand. Cast: Anna Karina (Odile), Sami Frey (Franz), Claude Brasseur (Arthur), Louisa Colpeyn.

Trivia: Original title: Bande Ć  part.



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