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The Devil Inside


devilinsideIsabella Rossi (Fernanda Andrade) goes to Rome to make a documentary about exorcism and to visit her mother (Suzan Crowley) who’s locked up in a mental hospital after committing several murders during a botched exorcism attempt on her. Another found-footage horror movie that tries to cash in on the success of Paranormal Activity (2009). Unfortunately, there’s no need to scream in terror. The movie’s cardinal sin: It’s simply dull, and the same can be said for the cast and a very ineffectual ending.

2012-U.S. 83 min. Color. Widescreen.Ā Directed byĀ William Brent Bell.Ā Cast:Ā Fernanda Andrade (Isabella Rossi), Simon Quarterman (Ben Rawlings), Evan Helmuth (David Keane), Suzan Crowley, Ionut Grama, Bonnie Morgan.



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