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The Three Musketeers


In the early 1600s, three musketeers reluctantly join forces with young D’Artagnan (Logan Lerman), who wants to become one of them, and do battle with enemies who’ve stolen da Vinci’s airship blueprints. Yet another version of this tale, spiced up by the man behind Resident Evil (2002), who throws in massive battles on airships and a Milady who fights in slo-mo; silly only begins to describe it. So much of this overheated 3D adventure is CGI that the whole movie looks animated in a bad way.

2011-U.S.-Germany-France-Britain. 110 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Paul W.S. Anderson. Novel: Alexandre Dumas. Cast: Logan Lerman (D’Artagnan), Milla Jovovich (Milady de Winter), Matthew Macfadyen (Athos), Ray Stevenson (Porthos), Luke Evans (Aramis), Mads Mikkelsenā€¦ Orlando Bloom, Christoph Waltz, James Corden, Juno Temple.



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