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somewhereWhen his ex-wife goes away for a while, Hollywood star Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff) is saddled with his young daughter (Elle Fanning) who joins him on a publicity tour for a new movie.Ā Director Sofia Coppola drew from her experiences as a kid when she went with her famous father all over the world. The result is a film that captures this weird universe populated by stars and sycophants in a knowing way. Fascinating at times, but very predictable for anyone familiar with Coppolaā€™s themes. Fanning is good; Dorff plays a star of Vincent Chaseā€™s caliber.

2010-U.S.-Italy-France-Japan. 97 min. Color.Ā Written and directed byĀ Sofia Coppola.Ā Cast:Ā Stephen Dorff (Johnny Marco), Elle Fanning (Cleo), Chris Pontius (Sammy), Ellie Kemper… Alden Ehrenreich.Ā Cameo:Ā Benicio Del Toro.

Venice:Ā Golden Lion.



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