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Reign Over Me


Manhattan dentist Alan Johnson (Don Cheadle) tries to reacquaint himself with Charlie Fineman (Adam Sandler), his roommate from college, who lost his whole family in 9/11 and has now become a recluse. In the right circumstances, Sandler can be very effective in dramas. He gives this movie its emotional core, looking like Bob Dylan, which actually fits a character who uses vintage rock to keep his grief buried. Cheadle is also ideal as the family man who just needs a friend. Mike Binder has put together a reasonably compelling story about how we handle life’s allotments and the kind of courage it takes to change.

2007-U.S. 128 min. Color. Widescreen. Written and directed byĀ Mike Binder. Cast: Adam Sandler (Charlie Fineman), Don Cheadle (Alan Johnson), Jada Pinkett Smith (Janeane Johnson), Liv Tyler, Saffron Burrows, Donald Sutherland.

Trivia: Tom Cruise, Jennifer Garner and Javiem Bardem were allegedly considered for roles.



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