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An American Haunting


americanhauntingIn 1817, a woman casts a spell on the Bell family in Tennessee; a demon consequently possesses the daughter (Rachel Hurd-Wood). One of the classic folklores is brought to the screen as a horror movie, but with a twist that virtually begs you to ignore everything that led up to it. Itā€™s a 19th century version of The Exorcist with far too many dull scenes where bed covers are pulled off and doors slammed; donā€™t expect to be startled. The cast is far from compelling.Ā 

2006-U.S.-Britain-Canada-Romania. 90 min. Color. Widescreen. Written and directed byĀ Courtney Solomon. Novel: Brent Monahan (ā€The Bell Witch: An American Hauntingā€). Cast: Donald Sutherland (John Bell), Sissy Spacek (Lucy Bell), Rachel Hurd-Wood (Betsy Bell), James Dā€™Arcy, Matthew Marsh, Thom Fell.



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