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Temple Grandin


The story about the real-life Temple Grandin is more remarkable than this TV movie, but the filmmakers do their best to illustrate Grandin’s autism and how it made her view her surroundings, always thinking in pictures, which ultimately helped her become an innovator in the cattle industry and later a university professor. The movie portrays Grandin’s 1960s and ’70s, years when she tried to adapt to everyone else ā€“ and kept challenging them as well. Very well conceived, both visually and in terms of the structure of story, with a good performance by Claire Danes that could easily have become too overblown.

2010-U.S. Made for TV. 103 min. Color. Produced byĀ Scott Ferguson. Directed byĀ Mick Jackson. Teleplay: Christopher Monger, William Merritt Johnson. Books: “Thinking in Pictures” (Temple Grandin), “Emergence” (Temple Grandin, Margaret Scarciano). Cast: Claire Danes (Temple Grandin), Catherine O’Hara (Ann), Julia Ormond (Eustacia Grandin), David Strathairn, Charles Baker.

Emmys: Outstanding Made for Television Movie, Directing, Actress (Danes), Supporting Actor (Strathairn), Supporting Actress (Ormond). Golden Globe: Best Actress (Danes).

Last word:Ā “I was terrified […] At the end of our first meeting, she gave me a hug ā€” which was very touching. It felt like that was her permission she was giving me. My love for her and my admiration for her was incredibly motivating throughout.” (Danes on meeting Grandin, NJ.com)



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    1. How could you miss on the name of your site: Thrilling Me Softly
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    1. Stefan

      Ha ha.
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      2. As you can also read on the right side of the screen, TV movies and shows are graded differently šŸ˜‰

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