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Taking Chance


When a 19-year-old Marine from the same town as Lt. Col. Mike Strobl (Kevin Bacon) is killed in Iraq, the desk-bound officer volunteers to escort the remains home. A film that doesn’t aim to take sides in the debate over the Iraq War, but prefers to show what kind of impact the ultimate sacrifice has on the regular folks back home. We see it through the eyes of Strobl who’s in desperate need of meeting real people after spending too much time crunching numbers. Unfortunately, this reality-based film rarely offers substance beyond tears, solemnity and dignified moments.

2009-U.S. Made for TV. 77 min. Color. Directed byĀ Ross Katz. Teleplay: Ross Katz, Mike Strobl. Cast: Kevin Bacon (Mike Strobl), Tom Aldredge (Charlie Fitts), Blanche Baker (Chris Phelps), Guy Boyd, Gordon Clapp.

Trivia: Produced for HBO, but first shown at the Sundance festival.

Golden Globe: Best Actor (Bacon).



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