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Date Movie


The grossly obese Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan) sees a date doctor (Tony Cox) who helps her get into shape; she instantly meets a guy (Adam Campbell), but he fell for her even when she was fat. There could be songs written about the general uselessness that marks this alleged comedy, a Scary Movie-style spoof mess. It is a demeaning experience for the cast that appears in it and for the audience that sees it. However, Jennifer Coolidge does a mean Barbra Streisand.Ā 

2006-U.S. 82 min. Color. Directed byĀ Aaron Seltzer. Cast: Alyson Hannigan (Julia Jones), Adam Campbell (Grant Fockyerdoder), Jennifer Coolidge (Roz Fockyerdoder), Tony Cox, Fred Willard, Eddie Griffin… Carmen Electra.

Razzie: Worst Supporting Actress (Electra).



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