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24 Hour Party People


24hourpartypeopleAfter a legendary Sex Pistols concert in 1976, TV personality Tony Wilson (Steve Coogan) is inspired to set up a record label, effectively starting the ā€œMadchesterā€ era in British pop history. Itā€™s based on reality, this story about the rise and fall of Factory Records, Joy Division and latterly New Order, but there really isnā€™t anything special about it. Fans of the bands and the era will enjoy the music, the atmosphere and the sense of humor, but others might not care. They will however love Coogan as the taglineā€™s ā€œtwatā€; his voice alone makes me laugh.

2002-Britain. 113 min. Color.Ā Directed byĀ Michael Winterbottom.Ā Cast:Ā Steve Coogan (Tony Wilson), Lennie James (Alan Erasmus), Shirley Henderson (Lindsay Wilson), Paddy Considine, Andy Serkis, Sean Harris.

Trivia:Ā The real-life Tony Wilson has a cameo.

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