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Torn Curtain


torncurtainAmerican scientist Michael Armstrong (Paul Newman) pretends to defect to East Germany in order to obtain secrets, but he doesnā€™t count on his girlfriend (Julie Andrews) following him behind the Iron Curtain. This is Alfred Hitchcock venturing into Cold War territory, but results are too uneven. Andrews has been styled to look like the directorā€™s blonde ideal, but neither she nor Newman are terribly engaging. The story is overlong, but donā€™t miss the elaborate countryside murder scene and the nail-biting bus trip.

1966-U.S. 128 min. Color.Ā Produced and directed byĀ Alfred Hitchcock.Ā Cast:Ā Paul Newman (Michael Armstrong), Julie Andrews (Sarah Sherman), Lila Kedrova (Countess Kuchinska), David Opatoshu, Ludwig Donathā€¦Ā Jan Malmsjƶ.

Trivia:Ā This was the film that ended the famous partnership between Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann; the composerā€™s score was rejected and they never made another movie together again.

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