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Star Trek Generations


A scientist (Malcolm McDowell) ruthlessly intends toĀ take advantage of an energy ribbon that contains a place of true happiness called the Nexus.Ā The seventh film in the series marked the Great Change when the original crew stepped aside for the new gang ā€“ the characters fromĀ Star Trek: The Next Generation. The meeting between Kirk (William Shatner) and Picardā€™s (Patrick Stewart) generations is worth a look; there are good attempts at showing emotional ties between the two captains, the demons they share, but the movie is simply too mundane.

1994-U.S. 118 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ David Carson. Cast: Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), William Shatner (James Kirk), Malcolm McDowell (Tolian Soran), Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton. Cameo: Whoopi Goldberg.

Trivia:Ā The farm and horse that Shatner owns in the movie are his own. Goldberg played the same part in several episodes of the TV show. Followed byĀ Star Trek: First ContactĀ (1996).



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