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C’mon C’mon

Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman. Photo: A24

A radio journalistā€™s (Joaquin Phoenix) life is upended when he reconnects with his sister (Gaby Hoffmann); she has to look after her estranged husband and he offers to stay with her nine-year-old kid (Woody Norman). Maybe itā€™s wrong to call this movie adorable, because it might give audiences a false impression. Itā€™s far from another saccharine Hollywood tale about a boy and his uncle who learn to love each other. Instead weā€™re served an intelligent, realistic and heartfelt portrait, inspired by the directorā€™s child and infused with interviews with real-life kids who offer us their thoughts. Beautifully photographed in three cities; Phoenix and young Norman are, yes, adorable.

2021-U.S. 108 min. B/W. Produced byĀ Chelsea Barnard, Andrea Longacre-White, Lila Yacoub. Written and directed byĀ Mike Mills. Cinematography: Robbie Ryan.Ā Music: Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner. Cast: Joaquin Phoenix (Johnny), Gaby Hoffmann (Viv), Woody Norman (Jesse), Scoot McNairy, Molly Webster, Jaboukie Young-White.

Last word: “My kid came up with a line [for ‘C’mon C’mon’], ‘Be funny, when you can.’ It was advice that they were giving me. I was like, ‘I don’t know how to finish my script. Should it be funny or not? I don’t know.’ And then Hopper said, ‘Well be funny comma when you can period.’ Such a weird thing to say, as a seven-year-old at the time. And I loved it so much. So then in my film, it’s actually what Jesse’s dad says to him, so there are all these beautiful transferences that can go on with very personal material.” (Mills, Collider)



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