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Munich: The Edge of War

As the leaders of Britain and France gather in Munich in 1938 in an effort to appease Adolf Hitler, young diplomat Hugh Legat (George MacKay) reconnects with an old German friend (Jannis Niewƶhner) who believes theyā€™re underestimating Hitler. Following the events surrounding the infamous Munich conference is interesting and itā€™s easy to understand why it was tempting to let Hitler have what he was asking for. However, much of the fictional tension surrounding the events feels more or less pointless because we know the outcome so well. Good cast, though.

2022-Britain-Germany. 131 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Christian Schwochow. Novel: Robert Harris. Cast: Jeremy Irons (Neville Chamberlain), George MacKay (Hugh Legat), Jannis Niewƶhner (Paul von Hartmann), Alex Jennings, Jessica Brown Findlay, Sandra HĆ¼ller.



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