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In a future where solar flares have destroyed the ozone layer, making it impossible to stay outside without a protective suit, a dying robotics engineer (Tom Hanks) builds a companion for his dog. A cute dystopia that never reaches the heights of Cast Away (2000), even if we love hanging out with Hanks and his ā€familyā€, a dog and a humanoid robot with the intelligence of a child, for a couple of hours. Much of the film is a road movie as an approaching storm forces the characters to leave in a motorhome; predictable but still worth a look, not least thanks to Hanksā€™s charm.

2021-U.S. VOD. 115 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Miguel Sapochnik. Cast: Tom Hanks (Finch Weinberg), Caleb Landry Jones (Jeff).

Trivia: Co-executive produced by Robert Zemeckis. Filmed in 2019 and delayed more than a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic; originally slated for a theatrical release, then sold to Apple TV+.



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