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Scenes From a Marriage

When Mira (Jessica Chastain) one evening announces to her husband (Oscar Isaac) that she has a lover and intends to leave the country with him, their marriage falls apart… but it’s not the end of their relationship. This new interpretation of Ingmar Bergman’s landmark 1973 miniseries turns the woman into the one who’s breaking up the marriage, changing the dynamic. Boosted by superior performances by the two leads, and their confrontations, the ”scenes”, are effectively and intimately staged. But the characters still come across as aloof, the drama never as arresting as in Hagai Levi’s In Treatment. 

2021-U.S. Made for TV. 283 min. Color. Developed and directed by Hagai Levi. Teleplay: Hagai Levi, Amy Herzog. Cinematography: Andrij Parekh. Cast: Oscar Isaac (Jonathan Levy), Jessica Chastain (Mira Phillips), Nicole Beharie (Kate), Corey Stoll (Peter).

Trivia: Originally shown in five episodes. Co-executive produced by Chastain, Isaac, Levi and Ingmar Bergman’s son Daniel. Michelle Williams was reportedly first cast as Mira. 



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