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Diego Maradona 


The filmmakers create a rich portrait of the legendary soccer player by focusing on his most dramatic period, playing for Napoli in the 1980s. It’s the story of how the Argentinian helped a poorer part of Italy gain its self-confidence and how he came to be viewed as a god-like figure. It was easy to look the other way as his partying involved schmoozing with a Mafia family and turned into a cocaine addiction, and, once he lost his standing in Naples, it was just as easy to tear him down. The journey involved magnificent performances during world championships. New archive footage was located for this film and Asif Kapadia makes us see how there was a Maradona and a Diego, two different personas. A touching tragedy; Antonio Pinto’s score is an engaging asset.

2019-Britain. 130 min. Color. Produced by James Gay-Rees, Paul Martin. Directed by Asif Kapadia. Music: Antonio Pinto.

Last word: “‘Senna’, ‘Amy’ and ‘Diego Maradona’ were a trilogy of films of a certain style. They weren’t conventional docs. They didn’t have interviews. They were archive based, but I wanted them to feel like they were fiction films. I wanted them to play like drama. Even now I meet people who look at the films and they go, ‘So when did you shoot that?” They think I was following Diego, Ayrton Senna or Amy. My technique was that I wanted myself as a director to be invisible. If I’m making a fiction film, I don’t want the audience every few minutes to think, ‘Oh, look, who has made the film, he’s in it, you can hear his voice.’” (Kapadia, Televisual)



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