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Sh! The Octopus


Detectives Kelly and Dempsey (Hugh Herbert, Allen Jenkins) find themselves in a lighthouse where a dead body is discovered; itā€™s all connected to a master criminal, The Octopus. This film has become a minor cult item because of crazy ingredients like an actual, deadly octopus and a transformation trick near the end that is so cleverly performed that it belongs in a better movie. Itā€™s a horror comedy with a moronic story and far too much screaming and shootingā€¦ but itā€™s still silly and amusing enough. The claustrophobic scenario serves the film well.

1937-U.S. 54 min. B/W. Directed byĀ William McGann. Play: Ralph Spence (ā€The Gorillaā€). Cast: Hugh Herbert (Kelly), Allen Jenkins (Dempsey), Marcia Ralston (Vesta Morgan), John Eldredge, George Rosener, Margaret Irving.

Trivia: The play was also filmed as The Gorilla in 1927, 1930 and 1939.Ā 



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