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Everybody’s Talking About Jamie


When Sheffield schoolboy Jamie New (Max Harwood) turns 16, he feels ready to embark on his chosen future as a drag queen, but not everyone is embracing it. The film adaptation of the stage musical (which was inspired by real events, depicted in a 2011 TV documentary) cut several songs and replaced them with a new one, ā€This Was Meā€, that is easily the most touching moment in the film, a tribute to Freddie Mercury and AIDS victims. The musical as a whole is a bit obvious and saccharine, but still slick and captivating; Harwood (in his film debut) and Richard E. Grant are both lovable.Ā 

2021-Britain-U.S. 115 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Jonathan Butterell. Screenplay, Book: Tom MacRae. Songs: Tom MacRae, Dan Gillespie Sells (ā€Donā€™t Even Know Itā€, ā€This Was Meā€, ā€Everybodyā€™s Talking About Jamieā€). Cast: Max Harwood (Jamie New), Sarah Lancashire (Margaret New), Lauren Patel (Pritti Pasha), Shobna Gulati, Ralph Ineson, Adeel Akhtarā€¦ Richard E. Grant.

Trivia: ā€This Was Meā€ is performed by Grant and Frankie Goes to Hollywood singer Holly Johnson. John McCrea, who played Jamie in the original stage production, appears in a flashback as a younger version of Grantā€™s drag star. Filmed in 2019 and delayed a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.



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