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Earth: Muted

Marketed as a documentary about the impact thatĀ environmental crises hasĀ on people who depend on bees pollinating the flowers of their fruit trees, and to a greater extent on all of us because weā€™re part of Earthā€™s ecological system, the film doesnā€™t live up to its promise. As we visit three families in Chinaā€™s Sichuan province, we see how growing pears and cherries, and harvesting honey from bees, has changed in recent years, causing problems that split families and require creative solutions. We get close to these people and their everyday laborsā€¦ and learn pretty much nothing about the alarming issues behind and how we all could be affected.

2021-Sweden. 70 min. Color. Directed byĀ Ć…sa Ekman, Oscar Hedin, Mikael Kristersson. Screenplay: Oscar Hedin, ƅsa Ekman.



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