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An alcoholic collector (Stefan Sauk) of obscure VHS movies gets an offer he can’t refuse and also meets a woman (Lena Nilsson) he has much in common with. A thriller-drama inspired by a real-life video store owner in Gothenburg that celebrates the old ”video nasties”, not least Italian giallo films. It doesn’t go far enough, could have been much more challenging and provocative, but the electronic 1980s music score fits like a hand in glove and the leads are fine as two broken people who’ve come to believe that they are rebels.

2018-Sweden. 93 min. Color. Written and directed by Kristian A. Söderström. Music: Robert Parker, Waveshaper. Cast: Stefan Sauk (Ennio Midena), Lena Nilsson (Simone Karlsson), Morgan Alling (Giallo-Bosse), Amanda Ooms, Martin Wallström, Kim Theodoridou Bergquist… Sven Wollter.

Trivia: Original title: Videomannen. The real-life Ennio Midena has a cameo as a janitor.



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