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A young Russian woman (Sasha Luss) is recruited by the KGB and goes undercover as a fashion model. Another action movie from Luc Besson in the vein of his La Femme Nikita (1990) and Lucy (2014), featuring a tough woman on a mission. This is a Cold War story built like a Russian nesting doll, with flashbacks revealing one twist after another. Not as clever as it wants to be, even if the action is effective. Luss is fine as long as sheā€™s kicking or shooting at somebody; Helen Mirren somewhat predictable as a cynical KGB veteran.

2019-France-U.S. 119 min. Color. Widescreen. Written and directed byĀ Luc Besson. Cast: Sasha Luss (Anna Poliatova), Helen Mirren (Olga), Luke Evans (Alex Tchenkov), Cillian Murphy (Leonard Miller), Lera Abova, Alexander Petrov.



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