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After a hit that goes wrong, an assassin (Jessica Chastain) realizes that she was set up and has become a target. Something is wrong when a movie has so many stars in its cast but still canā€™t get an audience’s attention. The filmmakers fail to do anything visually exciting with the material, which it badly needs; the story is about as shopworn as they come, and Avaā€™s personal issues with family and alcohol do not make her less of a clichĆ©. Still, serviceable enough, thanks to the actors.Ā 

2020-U.S. 96 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Tate Taylor. Screenplay: Matthew Newton. Cast: Jessica Chastain (Ava), Colin Farrell (Simon), Geena Davis (Bobbi), Common, John Malkovich, Joan Chenā€¦ Ioan Gruffudd.

Trivia: Co-produced by Chastain. Newton was reportedly set to direct the film, but stepped down because of multiple incidents of assault and domestic violence.



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