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She Dies Tomorrow


Amy (Kate Lyn Sheil) tells her friend Jane (Jane Adams) that sheā€™s dying tomorrow; Jane doesnā€™t believe herā€¦ but some time later sheā€™s the one telling her brother that sheā€™s dying tomorrow. As Amy Seimetz was telling people about her anxiety attacks, she started paying attention to their reactions, which eventually inspired this peculiar thriller. A contagion of sorts is spreading and brutal honesty, grief and determination are some of the consequences as people begin to accept their destiny. A suitably angst-ridden atmosphere, but the film reaches a dead end.Ā 

2020-U.S. 86 min. Color. Written and directed byĀ Amy Seimetz. Cast: Kate Lyn Sheil (Amy), Jane Adams (Jane), Kentucker Audley (Craig), Chris Messina, Katie Aselton, Tunde Adebimpeā€¦ Michelle Rodriguez, Josh Lucas.



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