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Broken Sky

During World War II, a 13-year old girl (Susanna KƤll) in northern Sweden watches her parentsā€™ marriage fall apart while dreaming of a different life. Ingrid Thulinā€™s directing debut is firmly rooted in the part of Sweden where she grew up and has a fine cast, where Tommy Berggren stands out as a depressed neā€™er-do-well; heā€™s a failure as a father and husband, but Thulin makes us see something good in him, just like his daughter does. In spite of worthy aspirations, the film never becomes anything more than a mediocre family drama.

1982-Sweden. 98 min. Color. Written and directed byĀ Ingrid Thulin. Cast: Susanna KƤll (Erika), Tommy Berggren (Axel), Agneta Eckemyr (MƤrta), Margaretha Krook, Svea Holst, Fillie Lyckowā€¦ Ernst GĆ¼nther.

Trivia: Original title: Brusten himmel.Ā 



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