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Backdraft 2

Chicago arson investigator Sean McCaffrey (Joe Anderson) is saddled with a new partner (Alisha Bailey) and a case where five kids have been killed by an explosion on Halloween. The same man who wrote the original Backdraft takes us back to the McCaffrey family almost 30 years later and now William Baldwinā€™s character is the grizzled veteran. The lead however is his nephew who spends most of the movie nursing grudges. Plays more like a CBS procedural than the gloriously silly adventure that was the first film.

2019-U.S. 101 min. Color. Directed byĀ Gonzalo LĆ³pez-Gallego. Cast: Joe Anderson (Sean McCaffrey), William Baldwin (Brian McCaffrey), Donald Sutherland (Ronald Bartel), Alisha Bailey, Alastair Mackenzie.

Trivia: Co-executive produced by Ron Howard. Released straight to DVD.Ā 



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