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Hollow Triumph


After a hit on a casino that goes wrong, John Muller (Paul Henreid) is on the run; by accident, he learns that thereā€™s a dentist who looks almost like him, save for a scar on his faceā€¦ Not one of the most well-known film noir thrillers of the 1940s, but one that puts Henreid to great use as a cocky mobster who tries to replace his doppelgƤnger, if only he can convince the people in dr. Bartokā€™s life, including a girlfriend Muller didnā€™t know existed. A ludicrous story, but there are many scenes here that make us sweat as the casino thugs get closer and closer to Muller. Well directed and intense, with a good music score.Ā 

1948-U.S. 83 min. B/W. Produced byĀ Paul Henreid. Directed byĀ Steve Sekely. Screenplay: Daniel Fuchs. Novel: Murray Forbes. Music: Sol Kaplan. Cast: Paul Henreid (John Muller/Victor Bartok), Joan Bennett (Evelyn Hahn), Eduard Franz (Frederick Muller), Leslie Brooks, John Qualenā€¦ Jack Webb.

Trivia: Alternative title: The Scar. Webbā€™s film debut.



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