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It Comes at Night

A family living an isolated life somewhere in the woods after a contagious outbreak wiped out most of the population suddenly get a visitor… Trey Edward Shults wrote this relentlessly dark story as a way to deal with his father’s death; that’s also sort of how the film begins. A thriller with horror elements (including a red-painted door that must never be opened and a threatening menace that remains unseen), this is a dystopia where much is familiar but exciting nonetheless. We can’t trust anyone – not even our nightmares. Good cast, especially Joel Edgerton as a believer in strict rules (even though they are always broken in horror movies).

2017-U.S. 91 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by David Kaplan, Andrea Roa. Written and directed by Trey Edward Shults. Cast: Joel Edgerton (Paul), Christopher Abbott (Will), Carmen Ejogo (Sarah), Kelvin Harrison, Jr. (Travis), Riley Keough (Kim).

Last word: “I had a weird relationship with my dad and he battled addiction and I hadn’t seen him in ten years and then I was with him on his deathbed. He was so full of regret and he didn’t want to let go and I was just trying to help him find some kind of peace. What I said to him was what Sarah says to her dad at the beginning of the film. Two months later, I just started writing. I don’t know why. And this whole story spun out of that. It’s obviously fictional, but it was that emotion and headspace and processing and dealing with my fears, basically. All of my fears are in this movie. The biggest one of all is mortality.” (Shults, Slash Film)



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