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Body Heat


In the middle of a Florida heatwave, lawyer Ned Racine (William Hurt) embarks on an affair with a sexy married woman (Kathleen Turner)ā€¦ and soon they begin to talk about getting rid of her husband (Richard Crenna). Lawrence Kasdanā€™s first film as a director is an erotic thriller, a modern update of movies like Double Indemnity (1944), complete with atmospheric, gauzy cinematography and jazzy music that fit this genre beautifully. Sweaty, exciting and playful, with fine performances by Hurt as the admittedly stupid attorney and Turner (in her first film and breakthrough) as the seductive Matty; Ted Danson is fun as Nedā€™s cheeky colleague.

1981-U.S. 113 min. Color. Produced byĀ Fred T. Gallo. Written and directed byĀ Lawrence Kasdan. Cinematography: Richard H. Kline. Mu: John Barry. Cast: William Hurt (Ned Racine), Kathleen Turner (Matty Walker), Richard Crenna (Edmund Walker), Ted Danson, J.A. Preston, Mickey Rourke.

Trivia: Christopher Reeve was allegedly offered the lead role.

Quote: “You aren’t too smart, are you? I like that in a man.” (Turner to Hurt)

Last word: “I went to George [Lucas] and he said ‘I can’t put the Lucasfilm name on ‘Body Heat’ because it’s too dirty. But I will sponsor you.’ So he went to [Alan Ladd, Jr.] and said ‘I’ll sponsor Larry to do ‘Body Heat’. Here’s a quarter of a million dollars, and if he goes over (budget), you can use that to cover his overages,’ which was just astounding! George never came to the set, but when we were editing, George spent one day in the cutting room with me, which was very helpful. But making the jump was not hard, because I had been imagining directing for a long time (laughs). Every movie I had written, I had already directed in my head, so it turned out to be not that big a deal.” (Kasdan, The Hollywood Interview)



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