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Faces Places

A documentary and a road movie that unites two different artistic talents – French New Wave icon Agnès Varda and the photographer JR who’s turned flyposting black-and-white photos into his trademark. There are many things that separate them, including age (JR is half a century younger than Varda) and style; they’re not always the best of friends. However, their journey through rural France (and Le Havre) becomes a disarmingly spontaneous and charming experience as they meet all kinds of people who end up being immortalized thanks to JR and his team who find appropriate buildings for their flyposting. The film finds ways to connect his art with Varda’s filmmaking. Poetic and unpredictable at times, such as a visit outside the home of Varda’s long-time friend Jean-Luc Godard – who refuses to open the door.

2017-France. 94 min. Color. Produced by Rosalie Varda. Written and directed by JR, Agnès Varda.

Trivia: Original title: Visages villages. 

Last word: “Our aims, on his side and on my side, had some common points, really: to be interested in other people, unknown people, not being famous people. [JR and I] decided on people who have no power. People that you can meet in villages. He was a city artist, really, and I say, ‘I change something in your life. I take you in the country.’ That was the first time that he really worked outside of big cities that he had known, like Shanghai or Hong Kong.” (Varda, Vulture)



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