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Elsa & Fred


80-year-old Fred Barcroft (Christopher Plummer) is moved against his will into an apartment in New Orleans; his neighbor is a slightly younger woman (Shirley MacLaine) with a completely different outlook on lifeā€¦ A remake of a 2005 Spanish-Argentine movie where opposites attract, but that doesnā€™t mean everything goes smoothly. The two stars are worth a look, even if their characters go through changes that arenā€™t all that convincing. A thin story with predictable complications, but pleasant nonetheless, leading up to a trip to Rome and obligatory nods to La Dolce Vita (1960).

2014-U.S. 93 min. Color-B/W. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Michael Radford. Cast: Shirley MacLaine (Elsa Hayes), Christopher Plummer (Fred Barcroft), Marcia Gay Harden (Lydia), Chris Noth, Jared Gilman, Scott Bakulaā€¦ George Segal, James Brolin.



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