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Early Man


When a rabbit-hunting tribe of cavemen are driven out of their valley by Bronze Age warriors, young Dug is taken to the invaders’ city and learns all about a mysterious game that’s popular there. Another stop-motion adventure-comedy from Aardman Animation, this time depicting a clash between two eras, the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, as it plays out through the game of soccer (which we also learn came about after an asteroid collided with prehistoric Earth). Amusing, but not one of the studio’s most compelling endeavors, even if it has clever dialogue and a fun villain in the shape of a pompous lord.

2018-Britain. Animated. 89 min. Color. Directed by Nick Park. Voices of Eddie Redmayne (Dug), Tom Hiddleston (Lord Nooth), Maisie Williams (Goona), Timothy Spall, Mariam Margolyes, Kayvan Novak… Rob Brydon.

Trivia: Brydon voices both commentators at the climactic soccer game, as well as the message bird.



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