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The Nutty Professor


Obese and bookish college professor Sherman Klump (Eddie Murphy) has created an experimental drug that turns him into a slim womanizer who’ll do everything that Klump was afraid to do. The original Nutty Professor (1963) was one of Jerry Lewis’s most ambitious comedies and this remake is an equal challenge to Murphy – and his team of makeup effects artists, including the ingenious Rick Baker. Murphy goes all in here and plays almost every member of the large, noisy Klump family; he’s great fun to watch, both as the lovable Sherman and the increasingly obnoxious Buddy Love. Packed with fat jokes, but done with a certain degree of warmth.

1996-U.S. 95 min. Color. Produced by Brian Grazer, Russell Simmons. Directed by Tom Shadyac. Screenplay: David Sheffield, Barry W. Blaustein, Tom Shadyac, Steve Oedekerk. Makeup: Rick Baker, David LeRoy Anderson. Cast: Eddie Murphy (Sherman Klump/Buddy Love), Jada Pinkett (Carla Purty), James Coburn (Harlan Hartley), Dave Chappelle, Larry Miller, John Ales.

Trivia: Co-executive produced by Jerry Lewis. Followed by Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000).

Oscar: Best Makeup. BAFTA: Best Makeup/Hair.

Last word: “I had a bunch of movies that didn’t work. People were saying, ‘Eddie’s not good,’ so I was like, ‘Not good? Let me show you what I can fucking do. I’ll do something where I play all these different characters.’ It’s a trip, it seems every five or six years, you have to do something to remind them that they like you. Then you get offered a bunch of stuff, because you were in a hit, and some of the movies might be shitty, but they throw so much paper at you that you can’t say no to it.” (Murphy, Rolling Stone)



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