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The Quiet Roar

68-year old Marianne (Evabritt Strandberg) is dying and agrees to a form of therapy where sheā€™s injected with a hallucinogenic drug that makes her confront her past as a mother and wife. A slow-moving existentialist drama that gives Strandberg a good role as the woman who travels 40 years back to a vacation in the mountains with her family. An interesting idea that doesnā€™t really turn into anything moving or insightful. Attractively shot, but too many scenes look overly designed and artificial. Hanna Schygulla is wasted in a small role.

2014-Sweden. 77 min. Color. Directed byĀ Henrik Hellstrƶm. Screenplay: Henrik Hellstrƶm, Fredrik Wenzel. Cinematography: Fredrik Wenzel. Cast: Evabritt Strandberg (Marianne), Hanna Schygulla (Eva), Jƶrgen Svensson (The Husband), Joni FrancĆ©en (Young Marianne).



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