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The Electric Horseman

Former professional rodeo rider ”Sonny” Steele (Robert Redford) only does PR events nowadays… until he’s fed up, steals a very valuable but mistreated race horse and goes on the lam. Sydney Pollack and Redford reunited for this pleasant romantic comedy after making several movies in the 1970s; Jane Fonda joins them as a reporter looking for a good story. The movie places itself firmly on the side of the cowboy (and the horse) against corporate greed and phony Las Vegas glitz. There’s nothing really deep or touching about the story, but it’s entertaining, with performances and visuals that underscore what’s beautiful and genuine out in the country.

1979-U.S. 120 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Sydney Pollack. Cast: Robert Redford (Norman ”Sonny” Steele), Jane Fonda (Hallie Martin), Valerie Perrine (Charlotta), Willie Nelson, John Saxon, Nicolas Coster.

Trivia: Nelson’s first appearance in a movie as an actor.



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