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Fahrenheit 451


In the future, fireman Guy Montag’s (Oskar Werner) job is to look for and burn any books he and his unit can find, but eventually his curiosity gets the better of him and he secretly begins to read… François Truffaut’s first English-speaking film became a challenge for him, a dystopian tale with visual effects and colorful production design. There’s a lot to enjoy here; the 1960s style may date the film a bit, but a lot of its ingredients and Ray Bradbury’s message are sadly relevant, today even more than in 1966. There are too many meandering moments, but the ending is memorable – beautiful, sad but nevertheless inspiring. 

1966-U.S. 111 min. Color. Directed by François Truffaut. Screenplay: François Truffaut, Jean-Louis Richard. Novel: Ray Bradbury. Music: Bernard Herrmann. Cast: Julie Christie (Linda Montag/Clarisse), Oskar Werner (Guy Montag), Cyril Cusack (Captain), Anton Diffring, Jeremy Spenser, Bee Duffell.

Trivia: Terence Stamp was allegedly first cast as Montag. Remade as a TV movie in 2018.



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