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The Legend of Tarzan


In the late 19th century, an English nobleman (Alexander SkarsgĆ„rd) returns to the Congo that he left behind a long time ago on a mission to investigate suspected Belgian slave trade. Tarzan has returned to the big screen many times before, and in different shapes; this 3D adventure doesnā€™t change the basic formula too much, although it turns its hero more decisively into a fighter against the colonization of Africa. SkarsgĆ„rd has the right look for the part and is aided by advanced visual effects that bring life to the jungle and all its creatures. Exciting action scenes, but it doesnā€™t translate to the movie as a whole.

2016-U.S. 110 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ David Yates. Cast: Alexander SkarsgĆ„rd (John Clayton III/Tarzan), Margot Robbie (Jane Porter Clayton), Samuel L. Jackson (George Washington Williams), Christoph Waltz, Djimon Hounsou, Jim Broadbent.

Trivia: Emma Stone was allegedly considered as Jane.



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