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Out in the Dark


outinthedarkPalestinian psychology student Nimer Mashrawi (Nicholas Jacob) falls in love with an Israeli attorney (Michael Aloni), but needs to keep it a secret from his family for cultural and practical reasons. The director’s feature debut is a classic love story where the character’s infatuation is the only pure thing, threatened by hostile forces. Dramatically speaking, depicting a romance across the border in this particular part of the world is irresistible; two young men’s love is challenged by the conflict between Jews and Palestinians, as well as scary, conservative values in the latter’s culture. The leads are good, but the ending isn’t satisfying.

2013-Israel. 96 min. Color. Directed by Michael Mayer. Cast: Nicholas Jacob (Nimer Mashrawi), Michael Aloni (Roy Schaffer), Jamil Khoury (Nabil Mashrawi), Alon Pdut, Loai Nofi, Khawlah Hag-Debsy.

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