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Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me


glencampbellIn 2011, legendary artist Glen Campbell chose to go public with his battle against Alzheimer’s; it was not his intention to go away quietly. There was a last tour together with his family and that’s the main focus of this documentary. It is clearly a struggle for him to be on stage, with incidents that would have embarrassed others, but at the same time we realize how valuable this experience is to him and his family. We meet the performer in his most vulnerable moments, meeting doctors and suffering setbacks. Moving – and lots of great music. Many famous colleagues are interviewed, sharing their admiration for Campbell, but after a while we also learn their own personal experiences of Alzheimer’s. This movie wants to enlighten us the way An Inconvenient Truth (2006) taught us about global warming.

2014-U.S. 116 min. Color. Produced by Trevor Albert, James Keach. Directed by James Keach. Song: ”I’m Not Gonna Miss You” (Glen Campbell, Julian Raymond).

Trivia: Co-executive produced by Jane Seymour. Among those interviewed are Bruce Springsteen, Steve Martin, The Edge, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Paul McCartney and Bill Clinton.

Last word: “Glen was very cognizant of what was happening and you see in the film that there is some remorse. He knew things were getting weird and messed up but he really didn’t understand it, especially towards the end. The real emotional impact came from watching his kids and his wife… the people that had known him for thirty or forty years… watch him going through the downward spiral. And as an objective filmmaker you kind of had to stand back and observe everything and not become… you really just had to stand back.” (Keach, Media Mikes)

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