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Conan the Barbarian


conanthebarbarian11When his father is killed by a warlord (Stephen Lang) whoā€™s looking for pieces of a mask that will bring him unfathomable power, the barbarian Conan (Jason Momoa) goes after the warlord. A 3D reboot of Robert E. Howardā€™s stories that has nothing to do with the 1980s movies. Marcus Nispel earlier made a remake of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and this one is in the same style, with focus on extreme violence and a kind of dull soullessness. Momoa is nothing special as Conan, but a few action scenes are adrenaline-packed, and Rose McGowan is fun to watch as the warlordā€™s wicked daughter.

2011-U.S. 112 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed byĀ Marcus Nispel. Stories: Robert E. Howard. Cast: Jason Momoa (Conan), Ron Perlman (Corin), Stephen Lang (Khalar Zym), Rose McGowan, Rachel Nichols, SaĆÆd Taghmaoui. Narrated byĀ Morgan Freeman.

Trivia: Chris Hemsworth was allegedly considered as Conan; Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke as his father.



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